These People Tried Yoga for Weight Loss and Shed Serious Pounds. Here’s How They Did It

Weight loss fads. You’ve probably heard them all. But did you realize that yoga for weight loss is a thing?

Yes, yoga is well known for the ability to lower stress levels, improve cardio fitness, build your respiration muscles, and improve your flexibility.

And now there are also yoga workouts for weight loss too.

A recent study featured in Time magazine went to the extent of featuring a number of well-known people who swear that yoga is an effective fat stripper. And these people are not just improving their waistlines by a few inches. They are shedding some serious weight and sustaining a healthier, leaner body for longer.

Not convinced?

While there are better ways to lose weight quickly (like our non-surgical weight loss balloon), here’s three people who have shredded some serious pounds from their waistline and reshaped their bodies by including yoga for weight loss into their fitness regime.

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Yoga for Weight Loss Can Defy Your Genetics – Lorraine Kauffman

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Even attending semi-regular yoga classes was not enough to catapult Lorraine’s weight loss results. It wasn’t until she committed to a nightly yoga practice using the best yoga poses for weight loss that she experienced a loss of 55 pounds!

“I find that even a restorative yoga workout is intense enough to get results if I do the poses right.” Says Lorraine.

“And What kept me motivated was the amazing results I could see and how fantastic I felt. I always told myself that I was not flexible because of my genetics, but I was wrong. Plus, I got a wardrobe I liked for the first time in my life.”

Her advice to anyone trying to shed fat through yoga:

  • Do a weight loss yoga for beginners class or some poses at home. It doesn’t matter. Just do it!
  • Compliment yoga with another exercise to keep things fresh – like walking.
  • Practice regularly. That way you feel the benefits sooner!
  • Have a goal. Lorraine worked toward a new wardrobe.
  • Don’t let injury stop you from exploring yoga. I experienced significant gains in core strength – even with a torn disc.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid sugary, processed foods completely. Consider a yoga diet plan for weight loss.

How to Lose 180 lbs With Yoga – Stacey Morris

The story of Stacey Morris is one of great inspiration. She’s a real life David – fighting and overcoming Goliath. 

“When I reached my highest weight of 345 pounds, I was at a real low point in my life. I wanted to get in shape, but I wasn’t keen on going to a gym for exercise. I’d seen others achieve weight loss success through yoga, so I decided to give this a shot.”

Stacey started practicing Yoga after trying every trick in the book to shed fat from her frame. Then, after weighing over 300 pounds for 20 years, she found her fat-burning fuel in yoga for weight loss.

Her results are simply amazing. By late 2016, she had dropped a total of 180 lbs!

Here’s how she did it:

  1. Decide that enough is enough, believe you can change, and take action!
  2. Use the DDYP Yoga DVD series for at-home yoga workouts for weight loss.
  3. Eliminate damaging junk foods, processed food, and sugar from your diet.
  4. Combine yoga with strength and cardio training to boost fat burning results. 

“After 20 years, my clothing is now looser, I can wear jeans again after decades in black stretch pants, and I can easily fit into movie theater seats.”

Lose Over 45 lbs With Yoga – Donna Cheifetz

Donna took the leap of faith into yoga and has never looked back. After years of failing to achieve the body she deserved, she got into yoga and lost 45 lbs! Proof that even a self-proclaimed tech head can achieve tremendous goals away from the buzz of Silicon Valley.

“Once I got started with an exercise plan, it was obvious that yoga was for me. It was something I could come back to every day and didn’t require the recovery that other workouts did. I could barely hold a plank at the beginning. Now I’m doing a tripod headstand crow!” Says Donna.

“I have a totally different body after starting yoga and I love it so much I am training to be a teacher myself.”

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Yoga for Weight Loss: Can it Really Help You Lose Weight?

Yes indeed it can!

Exercise and movement through yoga will gradually help you improve your waistline and your weight, and results can be sustainable with dedication and consistent yoga practice. But the reality is that most of us won’t shed 180 lbs like Stacey through yoga alone.

But if you want to achieve even better results in a shorter amount of time, there are other options…

The Orbera balloon weight loss surgery, combined with comprehensive weight loss coaching, is a non-surgical weight loss device that can assist you where exercise alone, can’t. Find out more about our Orbera gastric balloon weight loss options or send us a quick email to start your Thinner You journey!

And while there’s every diet, exercise, and weight loss gimmick available to you, to succeed long-term you need to have the right mindset. At Thinner You Centers, we offer one-on-one nutritional coaching to keep you focused.

That’s our difference, and a promise for a healthier, happier, thinner you.

Have you tried yoga to keep trim? Did you achieve the results you wanted? Leave a comment with your success story below 🙂

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