Balloon Surgery For Weight Loss


Balloon-assisted weight loss: More effective than diet and exercise alone

In your determination to lose excess pounds, you’ve probably tried several methods to slim down. They didn’t work because all of them depend on a level of commitment that many people cannot reach. Today, however, those people have renewed hope. The program is called “balloon-assisted weight loss,” also known as “balloon stomach weight loss.”

Balloon-assisted weight loss uses a small, safe balloon to mimic a full stomach so you feel full. When you feel full, your desire for food decreases and so does your weight. In fact, studies have shown that the balloon stomach weight loss program is three times more effective than diet and exercise alone.

The safety of balloon-assisted weight loss: It’s FDA-approved

For over 20 years in many other parts of the world, balloon stomach weight loss has been an accepted weight loss option. In July, 2015 after rigorous testing, the Food and Drug Administration determined that balloon-assisted weight loss is safe and effective when used, “… while a patient participates in a diet and exercise plan supervised by a health care provider.”

Balloon-assisted weight loss is non-surgical, too. A board-certified surgeon places your balloon into your stomach through the mouth, using a minimally-invasive endoscopic procedure. Once in place, the balloon is filled so that it expands and takes up space in the stomach. The procedure takes only about 15 minutes.

The balloon stays in your stomach for just six months while you participate in a 12-month supervised nutrition and exercise program.

Lasting weight loss is here to help your today

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