Weight Loss Without Surgery Options


Effective Weight Loss Surgery Alternatives

If you’ve tried and failed at some of the popular weight loss methods and are considering a surgical weight loss procedure, Thinner You Centers has proven weight loss surgery alternatives that don’t involve incisions, stitches, prolonged down time.

Thinner You Center’s weight loss surgery options include the intragastric balloon, also known as balloon-assisted weight loss, that has proven to be three times more effective than diet and exercise alone. Best of all, balloon-assisted weight loss is one of the weight loss surgery alternatives that is so safe, it’s FDA-approved.

The balloon procedure is simple: A board-certified surgeon places your balloon into your stomach through the mouth, using a minimally-invasive endoscopic procedure. Once in place, the balloon is filled so that it expands and takes up space in the stomach so you feel full and have less desire to eat. The procedure takes only about 15 minutes.

Among weight loss surgery alternatives, the advantages of the gastric balloon include:

  • No risky surgery that can produce severe complications
  • Costs less than a year of meal plans through national diet centers.
  • Promotes substantial, lasting weight loss through a 12-month extensive support program
  • Minimizes your downtime
  • Creates a lifetime of healthy habits
  • And more…

A Leader in Weight Loss Surgery Options

When you consider all of your weight loss surgery alternatives, balloon-assisted weight loss stands out as the one that provides the most potential with the least disruption.

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