Noninvasive Balloon Assisted Weight Loss Treatment for a Thinner You

Thinner You Centers has highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners with years of experience, knowledge and understanding of healthcare industry and weight loss procedures. More than 220,000 people worldwide have chosen the balloon aided weight loss program in past two decades. Thinner You Centers offers weight loss programs at affordable price. Some of these are discussed briefly here.

1. Balloon surgery for weight loss

Balloon surgery weight loss treatment uses a small balloon for mimicking a full stomach. This way, an obese person can effortlessly lose weight in few months.

2. Gastric balloon non-surgical treatment

A certified surgeon places the balloon into the stomach through the mouth using invasive endoscopic procedures. The patient feels fuller al the time and eats less. This helps in quick slimming of the patient. The balloon is removed after few months using similar procedure.

3. Comprehensive weight loss management program

The reason why you are not being able to lose weight till now may be that your weight loss program lacks comprehensive weight loss management strategy. This weight loss program designed by “Thinner You” makes it quite easy for obese people to achieve their weight loss goals. Such comprehensive weight loss programs are ideal for people suffering from obesity.

Experienced and qualified team of experts of Thinner You Centers helps people to shed their extra pounds without diet pills, extensive meal plans or without going under the knife. Most of the meal plans available in the market only focus on purchasing food with extremely low calorie count. Whereas the fad diets always focus on limiting certain high calorie food from your diet.

Weight loss process

In order to help people shred their extra pounds without any surgical procedures, the experienced and dexterous team of Thinner You Centers has especially created a comprehensive weight loss program to let the people lose weight and keep it off. The weight loss process of this program consists of below 4 steps.

Balloon assistance

Team of “Thinner You Centers” experts start weight management program with a brief, FDA approved and non-surgical balloon assisted weight loss treatment where a balloon is carefully inserted into the stomach of the patient. This specially designed balloon stays inside the stomach of the patient for a period of six months. During this period, the patients are provided with effective motivation and guidance for getting and staying fit.


Apart from balloon aided treatment, the weight loss program also includes personal nutritionists who help patients enjoy a healthy way of life. Few days after the start of program, the nutritionist will guide the patient for a period of next 12 months.


By providing you access to advanced technology, “Thinner You” helps you effectively monitor the weight loss achieved by you. We use cutting edge technology to let people achieve their weight loss goal with measurable results, and effortlessly.


When you have a proper support mechanism in place, then it becomes easier to stick to a weight loss program. 12 months of support is provided to the patient undergoing weight loss treatment at the “Thinner You”. The support mechanism helps patients initiate long lasting healthy lifestyle changes in their eating habits and exercises.

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