Get Non-Surgical Weight Loss treatment in California and Los Angeles at Low Price

At Thinner You Centers, the non-surgical weight loss treatment is provided for substantial and sustained weight loss. This procedure doesn’t have the hazards typically associated with traditional surgical weight loss methods such as anesthesia, stitches, incisions, high recovery time and downtime.

Thinner You Centers provide weight loss treatment in California that doesn’t involve prolonged downtime, incisions, and is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved. It is one of the best weight loss solutions if the patient doesn’t want to go under the knife. Some of the benefits of balloon-assisted weight loss treatment are discussed below.

Benefit number 1

It is a fast, non-surgical and simple procedure, which can be done using sedation. This weight loss procedure can be completed within 15 minutes and leaves no stitches on the body of the patient.

Benefit number 2

The cost of this weight loss treatment is quite affordable as compared to traditional gastric band surgery, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

Benefit number 3

The treatment can be availed by anyone as it is not as complicated as surgical weight loss method practiced traditionally in California.

Benefit number 4

The FDA approved weight loss treatment encourages the patient to eat in small amounts. This helps the patient to maintain their weight even after the balloon is removed from the body.

Benefit number 5

This weight loss treatment helps one lose weight 3 times faster compared to dieting and exercising.

Benefit number 6

Things can be easily reversed just by removing the gastric balloon as the digestive organ(s) of the patient is not cut or removed.

How gastric balloon weight loss treatment is done

Backed and supported by a team of professionals with years of experience in weight loss and health care sector, the Thinner You Centers provide the patients with non-surgical weight loss treatment. Balloon-assisted weight loss is a new, non-surgical and FDA approved weight loss procedure which is already availed by 220, 000 people worldwide to lose weight.

In gastric balloon weight loss procedure, a certified surgeon places the balloon into the stomach of the obese person through the mouth and by using an advanced and minimally invasive endoscopic procedure. The balloon, once in place, is filled with saline water. It expands and takes up space in the stomach of the patient so that they feel fuller and have very little or no desire to eat.

This weight loss procedure is very simple to perform and it takes only 15 minutes to finish. After the completion of the weight loss procedure, the patient can go home from the hospital itself.

The gastric balloon is left in the stomach of the patient for six months. But the patients at “Thinner You Centers” are kept under a 12-month supervised nutrition and exercise program. Under the non-surgical weight loss treatment, the patients learn about better lifestyle, doing exercises effectively and how to make nutrition choices

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