Stop These 4 Signs of Compulsive Overeating With Strategic Blackmail. Here’s How to Do It

Our bodies need fuel, and food is the answer. But too much, too often, can develop a comforting habit of compulsive overeating that can be hard to kick.

This comforting effect of food is why most diets fail. When we frequently overeat, food becomes a habit with many risk factors attached. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular complications are some of the more serious risks.

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But before these risks rear their ugly head, it’s likely you will experience a number of common overeating signs, including…

Gut swelling or bloating, heartburn, nausea, and a lack of energy due to drowsiness.

Have you experienced any of these? You can use strategic blackmail to stop yourself from overeating and the discomfort it can cause.

And keep this list handy, as these tips will be useful at a party or at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Stop Compulsive Overeating Sign # 1: Bloating

Compulsive Overeating Bloating Blackmail - Thinner You


At a Buffet Restaurant

To avoid compulsive overeating and the ugly bloating feeling at your next restaurant outing, skip the buffet and pick your menu in advance. And to hold yourself accountable, opt for strategic blackmail by tipping the waiter an amount equal to the price (over and above what you had planned to tip) for any deviations from your main meal.

At a Friend’s Dinner Party

You’ve loaded your plate for the first time and consider going back for seconds…


Don’t become a victim of compulsive overeating. Pack any extra enticing delicacies into a to-go container instead of eating them at the table.

This is a perfect blackmail strategy.

First, it means you will have to go through the process of asking for packaging from your hosts – instantly lowering your likelihood of eating seconds. Second, you have successfully broken your oversize meal into two. Hence, avoiding compulsive overeating and a bloated belly.

Avoid Compulsive Overeating Sign # 2: Heartburn

The best strategic blackmail to prevent heartburn – a common compulsive overeating symptom, is to only put the 2 things you want most on your plate.

All you have to do is commit to not adding anything else except those 2 foods, even if you do not stick to healthy portions. This reduces the chances of you getting too many heartburn-inducing ingredients into your system. If you add a third food type, let it always be a portion of veggies or natural fruit.

Heartburn is a pain. And chances are you know that, since more than 40% of Americans suffer from heartburn pain at least once a month according to Florida Hospital.

Want to know what foods are the worst for heartburn?

  • Chocolate.
  • Peppermint.
  • Animal-based fatty foods such as pork belly, paté, bacon.
  • Acidic foods.
  • Spicy foods (containing chili pepper and varieties).
  • Alcohol – particularly red wine.
  • Most caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

Strategic blackmail can work wonders in helping you avoid compulsive overeating, and heartburn. Or at least in keeping the consumption of these foods to a minimum!

Treating Compulsive Overeating Sign # 3: Nausea

Compulsive Overeating Nausea Blackmail - Thinner You


You can prevent nausea stemming from compulsive overeating with this blackmail strategy: Talk to at least one person between every mouthful of your meal. And if you’re at a dinner party or social function, walk around and talk to different people. In fact, talking to strangers is even better! The action of meeting strangers makes it more difficult to talk with a mouthful or splurge on heaped spoonfuls mid-conversation.

Take your nausea-preventing blackmail to the next level by leaving your plate on a table should you consume two mouthfuls without a conversation. Then, walk to a different area to talk to someone else before coming back for your plate.

This has the added advantage of helping you chew slower. The exercise of walking around also helps the food settle in better.

How to Overcome Compulsive Overeating Sign # 4: Drowsiness

Compulsive Overeating Drowsiness Blackmail - Thinner You


Drowsiness resulting from compulsive overeating commonly occurs when dessert hits the dinner table. And since insulin spikes disrupt alertness, you’re best bet to overcome drowsiness is to take a glass of water before serving your dessert portion. No water, no dessert.

Water helps you flush out excess insulin faster. It also helps you feel fuller, so you go easy on the dessert.

A bit more on sugar and drowsiness…

While food is a source of energy, the process of digestion can leave you exhausted and drowsy directly after a huge meal. Sugar and carbs are the 2 types of food most likely to get you into a food coma. They add insulin into your system which compels the body to produce more serotonin and melatonin. These 2 hormones are what induces the sleepiness!

And If All Else Fails…

Hydrate and get moving!

We all occasionally over indulge. And when it happens, the discomfort and guilt follow. Drinking water helps with the digestion process and flushes out excess foods and toxins. Moving also speeds things along and the upright position gives organs the space they need to function optimally.

Burn up and flush out the excess calories while reducing the risks of heartburn, nausea, and drowsiness.

Does Strategic Blackmail Work To Stop Compulsive Overeating?

Strategic Blackmail Stop Compulsive Overeating - Thinner You


All these blackmail strategies will help rein in signs of compulsive overeating such as bloating, heartburn, drowsiness, and nausea. It’s a perfect strategy for helping you address your beliefs and behaviors around food as well.

However, to work effectively, you need to decide to blackmail yourself into success long before you’re at the meal table. It needs commitment and works best when there’s accountability.

That’s where we can help.

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