A Safe and Effective Weight Loss Solution

With other popular weight loss programs, there are significant risks, making them less safe and effective, and if it is not properly managed, your weight loss could turn into a dangerous effort. Bariatric surgery means anesthesia, incisions, and scarring. Fad diets may invite a lack of essential nutrients, and diet pills can alter your metabolism in harmful ways.

Thinner You understands your safety concerns, that’s why we have incorporated safe, proven methods to help you achieve lasting weight loss.

Our safe and effective weight loss program starts with a brief, non-surgical procedure to insert your balloon: No incisions, stitches or scarring. This procedure is performed in our fully-accredited ambulatory surgery center by experienced, board certified physicians.


This balloon-assisted method works, too. Balloon-assisted procedures have been performed over 220,000 times and research shows that the average person loses 3X more weight with the Orbera® balloon than with exercise and diet alone.

If you’re ready to lose weight and keep it off, contact Thinner You today and schedule your free consultation by calling: (888) 594-6263.