The Quick Non-Surgical Weight Loss Procedure That Works

Balloon-Assisted Weight Loss is a non-surgical weight loss procedure which represents a leap forward in procedural weight loss. The FDA-Approval of gastric balloons fills the significant gap between medical weight loss (dangerous diet pills) and more dangerous surgical options. Traditionally, if you wanted to lose weight and slim down your waistline, you have four main options:

  • Dieting: These can produce temporary weight loss, but often lead to weight regain because they rely on unsustainable changes.
  • Exercise: Keeping physically active is helpful for improving your metabolism, but won’t usually produce the dramatic weight loss results you would like on its own.
  • Dangerous Diet Pills: Medical weight loss using dangerous pharmaceuticals can produce some results, they too, fail to create substantial long-term change in your waistline.
  • Surgery: Surgical options create a permanent change in patient’s anatomy and have some scary potential complications.

Balloon-assisted weight loss involves a simple, incision-less, non-surgical weight loss procedure, that will help give you the momentum you need to amplify your weight loss efforts and develop a more confident, healthier lifestyle.

Orbera Weight Loss Balloon Thinner You Centers

The Orbera Weight Loss Balloon

Balloon-assisted weight loss starts with a soft silicon balloon placed and inflated in the stomach.  The balloon works by filling up about 1/3 of the stomach space to help reduce portion size without feeling hungry.  The emptying of the stomach is also delayed so you feel fuller for longer.  Eat less and feel fuller for longer.


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